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TitleAuthorFormatCall No.
Fight to the DeathChen, WeidongBookCHE
The Stolen KingdomChen, WeidongBookCHE
The Expulsion of Sun Wu KongChen, WeidongBookCHE
The Realm of the Infant KingChen, WeidongBookCHE
The Lost ChildrenChen, WeidongBookCHE
Treasures of the Mountain KingsChen, WeidongBookCHE
Tricky Monkey TalesSchweizer, ChrisPaperbackTRI V.6
Fanning the FlamesChen, WeidongBookCHE
The Golden TempleChen, WeidongBookCHE
The DualChen, WeidongBookCHE
The Journey EndsChen, WeidongBookCHE
Bands of BrothersChen, WeidongBookCHE
Masters and DisciplesChen, WeidongBookCHE
The Seven SistersChen, WeidongBookCHE
The Bane of HeavenChen, WeidongBookCHE
Journey to the WestChen, WeidongBookCHE
The Sacred TreeChen, WeidongBookCHE
Three TrialsChen, WeidongBookCHE
Birth of the Stone MonkeyChen, WeidongBookCHE
Enemies and A New FriendChen, WeidongBookCHE
Trust and TemptationChen, WeidongBookCHE
Friends and NeighborsCatalanotto, PeterBookCAT
Enter DoflamingoOda, EiichirōBookMANGA VOL. 70 - ONE PIECE
The Road Toward the SunOda, EiichirōBookMANGA VOL. 66 - ONE PIECE
Pirate AllianceOda, EiichirōBookMANGA VOL. 68 - ONE PIECE
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