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Dec 18, 2020RandomLibrarian rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
I would argue against the comment of another person here who says this book parallels "Lolita". "Lolita" is about a middle-aged pedophile molesting and raping a child, even going so far as to marry and murder her mother so that he has exclusive control over her and can abuse her at will. He's running from a detective because he doesn't want to get caught. When Carol and Therese are trying to get away, they're trying to prevent their relationship (which is a consenting one between two ADULTS) from being used as grounds for Carol's husband to take away custody of their daughter entirely. The two books are not similar at all. Review excerpt: "When I review a classic it’s difficult to assign a grade, partly because I have to decide whether to grade the book according to the context of 1952 or the context of 2020, and I have to decide whether to apply a romance lens or not. As a literary novel, this book is flawless. As a romance, it is somewhat constrained by the enigmatic quality of Carol. By the end of the book, Carol is more vulnerable and also more respectful of Therese, and Therese is more mature, confident, and experienced, which means that the book ends just as the real romance, as opposed to a deep infatuation, is beginning." Full review: