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Sep 25, 2018LauraSteinert rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
What a joy to read a whole book without a single cell phone, but I have to ask if there really was an Apricot computer line in England. Great story with twists, really likeable characters, bigamy, two women we feel justified in hating, pubescent girl predator who is ugly and bald but still successful, and only a little too much explanation at the end. DO READ THIS! I don't think the previous reviewer actually read the book. This won't spoil anything for you when you read this book, but I offer a little background/insight. One of the side stories is about a group that modeled itself after Arria who was a woman in ancient Rome. Her husband, Caecina Paetus, was ordered by the emperor Claudius to commit suicide for his part in a rebellion but was not capable of forcing himself to do so, so Arria killed herself to demonstrate how easy is is if one is not a coward. The book creates a symbol for the flag of the ARRIA club (remember, fictional radical women's group) that shows a raven with the face of a woman. A group of ravens is called an unkindness in the same way a group of crows is called a murder, a groups of whales is called a pod, or a group of goats is called a flock.