Spoiling all the fun, leveling most of this neighborhood in the name of Urban Renewal. Sorry about your homes and your funky shops. You can set up a shoeshine stand in front of the parking lot at Safeway. But you distinguished truth-seekers want to know about the real hep cats who hung out here, in the "Harlem of the West," where a few of these homes did survive. Like this beauty here, which was built clear back in the 1800s. Before the black thing, this was all Japanese, till FDR's stormtroopers rounded them up into camps.
People aren't one thing. That. All... All of it. What would have happened if Kofi could've showed himself? All forms of himself. The world put him in a box! And he never pushed beyond it. Let us. Let us break the boxes! Let us give each other the courage! To... To see! Beyond the stories we are born into! Let us all really look at Jimmie Fails IV. Self-taught historian. Carpenter. Gentle, loving man. A true survivor.

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