SUMMARY: This is a repetitive book showing different animals and how they best love to snuggle with Daddy for hugs.

ILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations appear to have been done in colored pencil. They have a soft look. The pictures are big for the little ones and full of soft colors. There are other little creatures in the background for an additional seek and find activity.

REVIEW: This was a very sweet book that celebrates fathers and the love they can give through hugs. Books too much shy away from Daddy hugs and I am glad for this perfect book. It is very repetitive with the phrase "Just-Daddy-and-me-hugs," but the littlest ones will love repeating it along with the reader along the way. There are some texture words that may be unfamiliar to the listener such as silky, downy, bristly. But these would be a great learning experience by finding things that feel like they do. This book also has a wide variety of animals for children to learn and a glossary in the back of the "hidden" animals on the pages. A lovely book that I highly recommend.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: Advertised for ages 3-6. I think the board book would be perfect for ages 0-4 and this hardback book would be better suited for the ages 3-6.

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