Liesl & Po is the story of 3 children, Liesl, Po, Will, and the people around them (kind and evil). Liesl is locked away for about a year or more (not really mentioned how long) she is very neglected. Her only joy is to draw. Po who visits her one night has seen her drawings and quite likes them. Liesl discovering that Po is a ghost asks him to find her dead Father so that she could tell him goodbye (which she never got the chance to do). Po says he/her will do it if she draws him/her a train (Po is a girl/boy). The story then switches to Will who works for a mean alchemis. He is running arounds for him and must deliver a box of MAGIC to Lady premier (which he had to deliver first but decided to stop at Mr grays to pick up some gros things). Will accidently mixes the boy of Magic with the aches of Liesl's father!

Then the story works from this huge mix up!

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