Other Words for Home

Other Words for Home

Book - 2019
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JCLBrittanyC Dec 16, 2020

This was one of the titles for Tween Book Club this month and it was a wonderful pick. We follow Jude who moves to the United States with her mother from Syria. As a reader we get to experience this journey right alongside Jude. She experiences grief while missing her father, brother, and family back in Syria. She experiences discomfort learning a new language and culture. But also experiences a ton of love and growth. Jude’s story is one that I’m so glad is getting told, and that I think many young people can learn from. Other Words for Home is also written in verse, making something really quick and easy to fly through with still just as big of an impact as a typical novel. Want to try your hand at some juvenile titles to broaden your scope or have some kids in your life that need a good book? Grab this and I’m sure all will love it!

JCLGladisO Nov 09, 2020

I loved the way this book was written from the perspective of a young girl. This was a beautiful story about a young girl who has to leave Syria with her pregnant mother leaving behind her father and brother. While in the US Jude goes through many emotions, trying to make sense of all that has happened and is happening. She doesn't lose sense of who she is, if anything she holds strong to her identity. I love Jude's strength, resilience, and hope.

Jun 30, 2020

I honestly have no idea how people can possibly stand poetry yet even I enjoyed this one. Beautifully written.

Jun 01, 2020

this is the best book ever. the author of this book,Jasmine warga actually came to our school. and explained that this book is based little parts from her life like how her DAD WAS A REFUGEE. that is why I love the this book so much. and over all that it is emotionally very sad that i actually cried while I read. the book may look big but it very small really. it doesn't have much in every page. it is also written in a special way. it is almost like a poem. of course every thing is clear and it has no metaphors that will confuse you. I don't know how to explain it. and also it has a couple Arabic words in the book that improved my Arabic vocabulary. there is a glossary for those words ate the end of the book. another reason i like this book is because,me myself is a Muslim just like Jude. so i imagine myself to be so much like her.

This novel in verse was beautifully written. I genuinely enjoyed reading it. Jude is believable and real, as are the other characters in the book. I love how well the author shows the difficultly of understanding the English language. I especial love how she pointed out the use of the phrase "You know...." How sometimes when difficult topics arise people just say you know and then let others fill in the hard parts. As an adult I don't find myself doing this anymore but I distinctly remember doing this when I was younger. I would recommend this book for middle grade students and anyone who enjoys reading about immigrant experiences in America.

Mar 24, 2020

This story is about a girl named Jude who's lived in Syria for most of her life, but when war struck, her mother and she must leave her home, friends and family to move to America to stay with her uncle. I enjoyed this book because it has a good portrayal of refugees and new Muslims. The style of writing very unique as it's written in a poetic form of writing, which I love. I also feel like this book represented me well.

Nov 30, 2019

What an amazing read! I love the fact that Jude did not give up on herself and her family. She was determined despite unexpected surprises in her life.

OPL_KrisC Oct 15, 2019

A moving account of a young Syrian girl's experience leaving home and trying to fit in in America. Written as a novel in verse, this is a powerful and quick read. For fans of Aisha Saeed's "Amal Unbound".

Oct 10, 2019

I loved this book. I ended up listening to it because I have a hard time reading books in verse. I loved the reader and she really brought the story to life. The struggles on immigrants are real and they need to be heard.

IndyPL_ShannonO Sep 21, 2019

The more books I read in verse the more I love them. Other Words for Home is a beautiful, lyrical story about a young Syrian girl named Jude who comes to live in America with her pregnant mother. Her father and brother remain in Syria. The story deals both with Jude's anxiety about what is happening in her homeland and her troubles with trying to fit into her new American life. I think this is a great book to introduce middle grade children to the kinds of conflicts happening in the Middle East as well as help teach kids of all backgrounds about the importance of empathy, tolerance, and acceptance - very vital topics, especially during our current troubling political climate.

ArapahoeKati Aug 22, 2019

Amazing! An incredibly moving novel, written in verse, about family, love, pride, xenophobia and courage. One of the best middle grade novels I've read this year.

Aug 12, 2019

I enjoyed the reality of this outstanding read. Jude is very brave and she never gives up.

Jul 24, 2019

amazing, we need more books like this

Tigard_HollyCP Jul 22, 2019

Jude and her mom and soon-to-be-born baby sister are refugees. When it starts to get more dangerous in Syria, Jude and her mom leave behind her beloved brother, father and best friend to go live with her uncle in the United States. It’s hard to fit in in a new country at a new school with a new language and even with her new-to-her family. It seems that people only see Jude as a refugee, but there is so much more to her, like her dream of being a famous actress. Despite discouragement by her only American friend and her not-so-supportive cousin, when she hears about the tryouts for the school musical, she auditions. Will she get a role? Will she ever hear from her best friend back in Syria? Will her brother survive the violence that he has risen against? So many questions. This novel in verse is a very important piece of work, and very well-done.

LPL_MaryW Jul 20, 2019

Jude is a Syrian girl who loves her family above all else. But when sparks of violence begin to ignite, she and her mother are whisked away to Cincinnati, leaving behind a working father and a brother joining the resistance. Heartbroken, Jude immerses into American life slowly. Just as she finds belonging does she also encounter womanhood, a transition she honors by donning a hijab. Jude faces prejudice, and even hatred, in her new home, but is determined to be brave like her brother. Amongst grief, love, and new life, Jude shines her light — so bright, she might just take center stage.

Jul 19, 2019

Simply beautiful and moving. Loved Jude and the story.

CoreneBee Jun 28, 2019

Absolutely essential reading.

Chapel_Hill_KarinM Jun 20, 2019

Beautiful novel in verse about a Syrian refugee in Cincinnati. So much rich detail about life in Syria and then adjusting to life in the US, this is both an important book and one that is a pleasure to read.

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